Mobility Program

At ICBS, with a global presence, students can immerse themselves in a diverse demographic mix, with programs combining ORIENTATION, EDUCATION, and JOB OPPORTUNITIES aligned with their expertise.

Our commitment is to foster personal and professional growth to cultivate a global mindset—empowering students and professionals for success in a cosmopolitan setting and bridging the gap between education and real-world achievements.

One-Week Program: Enjoy a comprehensive and intensive one-week experience, perfectly designed to allow you to make the most of your stay in each destination.

All-Inclusive: Our program is fully inclusive, meaning all aspects of your trip are taken care of, offering you total peace of mind during your stay.

  • Flight Ticket: Your flight ticket is included in the program, ensuring a hassle-free journey from your place of residence to each destination.
  • Visa: We take care of all the details regarding your visa for each destination, allowing you to fully focus on your learning experience.
  • Insurance: Comprehensive insurance is provided to ensure your safety and well-being throughout the program.
  • Accommodation: Enjoy comfortable and well-located accommodation in each destination, providing an environment conducive to relaxation and concentration during your stay.
  • Transportation: On-site transportation is also included, with a transportation service ensuring your mobility in each city and to various learning and discovery locations.

Program Highlights

Discover, Learn & Connect


Explore New Cultures and Perspectives

  • Cultural Immersion: Explore the cultural diversity of each destination through guided tours, cultural activities, and local events.
  • Broadened Horizons: Develop a deep understanding of different cultures and perspectives, helping you adapt and thrive in an increasingly globalized world.
  • City Exploration: Discover the wonders of each city, enriching your learning experience by exploring dynamic and diverse urban environments.


Gain Insights from Industry Experts

  • Specialized Training: Benefit from courses taught by industry experts, providing practical insights into the challenges and opportunities of the professional world.
  • Preparation for the Professional World: Acquire the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a constantly evolving global environment, positioning yourself as an attractive candidate in the job market.
  • Language Development: Improve your language proficiency through classes and daily interactions, enhancing your ability to communicate effectively internationally.


Build Relationships with Professionals Worldwide

  • Networking Opportunities: Participate in exclusive networking sessions with professionals from various sectors, expanding your professional network and opening doors to new opportunities.
  • Meetings with Thought Leaders: Interact with thought leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and representatives from leading companies, benefiting from their insights and advice on the business world.
  • Employment Opportunities: Explore stimulating job opportunities and celebrate dynamic job interviews with companies eager to hire international talent, providing you with a springboard for your professional career.

Where to Find Our Program

Our mobility program is available in various locations where ICBS operates.

You can find more information and inquire about the program by visiting our website or contacting our admissions office at any of our locations.

Dubai, UAE