ICBS Malta is a provider of higher education in Malta and is part of the ICBS GLOBAL and eie Group.

ICBS aims to become a leading global higher education provider in Malta, aligning with the vision and mission of its parent institution, INTEDGROUP France. The goal of ICBS is to offer high-quality and innovative undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs to students and professionals in Malta, as well as individuals from other countries. This objective aligns with the Government of Malta’s efforts to promote the country as a Higher Education Hub, attracting global talent and fostering a sustainable economy through collaboration with regional businesses.

The campus is located in Sliema, one of the largest central cities, providing easy access to the island’s main transportation hub, as well as various shopping centers, leisure areas, and entertainment venues.

At ICBS Malta, you will experience a truly diverse environment with students from various nationalities and cultures, enriching your educational journey beyond academic accomplishments.

ICBS Learning Philosophies:

  1. Putting students at the forefront: Students are at the core of everything ICBS does. The institution values close interaction between faculty and students, sets high standards, and fosters a supportive living-learning environment. The key outcomes at ICBS’s Global Campuses, including ICBS Malta, are student employability, entrepreneurial and innovative skills, and student success. Faculty and staff follow the principle of treating students as they would treat their own family members, providing support, guiding their goals and aspirations, taking a keen interest in their achievements, and emphasizing the importance of a comprehensive and holistic education.
  2. Quality of Education: ICBS takes pride in delivering a high-quality education that offers value for money. The institution strives for the highest academic standards and quality of teaching and learning, continuously seeking improvement rather than settling for mediocrity. ICBS’s success is measured by its academic ambiance, challenging academic environment, excellence in teaching and learning, research, internationalization, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

As part of the eie group, ICBS benefits from a culture of global campuses where students from different cultures come together. These campuses serve as innovation labs for ideas, critical thinking, imagination, innovation, and implementation. At ICBS, emphasis is placed on exploring new perspectives, investigating different worlds, and developing entrepreneurial and innovative skills to compete globally.